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About Us

Welcome to Sanskar Academy ,Pachore which has come into existence to cater the educational need of the children from kindergarten to class 12th using a perfect blend of traditional approach with modern teaching techniques Sanskar Academy ,Pachore is a CBSE affiliated institution runs by Gyan Samraddhi Shiksha Samiti Pachore and was established in the year 2009. At present the school is having an area of 05 acres with green surroundings, manicured gardens, a huge building. The growing minds prepare themselves for future with serious studies which are interspersed with fun of games, energizing activities like swimming, sports and soul rejuvenating music classes. The students explore their creative talent by trying their hand at art and craft. Children regularly visit Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories where the practical knowledge is imparted. The school has access to the most modern technologies of computers, which serve the globally required blend of theoretical and practical knowledge. Treasured with books of enormous quantity, school library provides the students ready access to knowledge on various subjects and the latest books of eminent authors. The school provides world-class facilities for swimming and other sports including football, volleyball, Khokho, Basketball, Cricket, Carom, Badminton, Gymnasium, Yoga and Swimming. The school has 12 buses that cover the entire city and surrounding areas with bus stops convenient to the students and the parents as well. To ingrain etiquettes, table manners and social engagement special classes are held. Children are served simple, nutritious, balanced variety of dishes prepared in spacious, clean and modern kitchen. School provides most comfortable boarding and lodging facilities, based on the ultra modern concept of education. Hostel inmates, boys stay under constant guidance of qualified teachers and staff in same buildings. Imparting education, we also want the students to make them understand the prominence of festivals and culture of our country thus the school celebrates Independence Day, Republic Day and Gandhi and Shashtri Jayanti. Apart from the national festivals the school also celebrates Deepawali, Dussehra, Christmas, Eid, Navratri, Ganesh Chaturthi, Teacher's Day, Children's Day, Cultural Week, Grand Parents' Day, Annual Day and Sports Week making education process- a celebrating event. Sanskar Academy, thus exercises and strives for creation of an impartial strong moral character. Here the education enhances perpetual growth and development which dispel the darkness of ignorance and train the individual minds for individual harmony and nation's well being.

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With the help of technological advancement, other facilities and capacities, we always aim at striving towards holistic development of the child. Education can and should be both a rigorous and an enjoyable process. Children are encouraged to learn independently in a free,healthy and democratic environment. The school imparts education which is a perfect blend of Indian culture and tradition with scientific knowledge suited to modern global society. We create an atmosphere in which our students can easily explore their innate strengths and identify their interests. We not only prepare them for exams but also for life. We believe that education should be such that it liberates human minds from the bondage of ignorance and leads to enlightenment. We nurture the innocent souls and minds and inculcate the skills,abilities and potential with which they can become better citizens for tomorrow. ith characteristic love,care and value based education, we make every effort to impart the benefits of the Gyan Samriddhi Siksha Samity to the students to create the healthy environment of self –discovery and learning, which is the essence of education . We welcome your child to be a part of Sanskardhani legacy of quality education .A legacy beyond compare, a legacy that is without parallel.

Principal’s Message:

If a person pursues any thing in life with firm determination and persistent hard work, then nothing in this world can stop that person from achieving what he has aimed for. I believe in Swami Vivekanand's philosophy on education. Education for him means that process by which character is formed strength of mind is increased and intellect is shaped as a result stand on one's own feet. Education does not mean literacy alone. We believe in the total development of the human personality through education. It is a quest for truth and non – violence, training of body and mind leading to an awakening of owns soul. The school curriculum is according to physical, emotional, and cultural needs of the students. In Sanskar Academy we understand the emotions of the child and create an atmosphere where children can learn new things, explore the world. We are very conscious of the fact that emotional stability plays a very significant role in the healthy growth of a child. I believe that the students of today are visionary and torch bearers of tomorrow. My mission is to nurture the growth and development of children because every child has a special talent and ability.